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South Campus: Where do the Insiders go?

As a new year begins at Delhi University it means different subjects, different faculty and most importantly different schedules. The timetable sets our destiny for the next 6 months. Some people get lucky, they have back to back classes and then they can go out and chill while others have enormous gaps that no one can provide any reasoning for. Where does one go when they need to occupy themselves for hours together. Those of us in the South Campus determine our destinations on the  basis of time allotted, budget provided and obviously, our hunger levels.

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck with a gap at 11:00 Am. This is when Satya Niketan seems like a great option because most of the shops and places actually open by then. By 11:20 am they’re bustling!

These places are good and cheap and most of all quite near. When we only have say 40 mins then we can also attack the little stall like food vendors for a variety of momos, eccentric flavours of maggi, some tea and lots of chitter chatter. At the times where our windows are shorter, nothing beats a gold tutorial room and cup of chaa from the college canteen. (It’s an oldie but a goodie)

For the days when some of us are in a posh bekham kind of zone, there’s Malcha Marg where there’s fez and sidewok and its a great place to have the best of both Lebanese and oriental because of their common kitchen with Fez’s interiors. It give us a great middle eastern break from the monotony of college.

When we’ve got enough time to wander there’s always DLF promenade just brimming with options, especially for the ‘rich’ kids who need to satisfy all their whims and fancies. Khan Market is great to walk around when it’s not intensely hot and it’s also a close option for those of us looking for a decent cappuccino.

Taj CCD is one absolute favourite, even if it’s just for 5 minutes, we run in and get an iced cup of tea. Its an absolute bliss when DU’s no AC policy is hitting us right where it hurts. This hangout has actually attracted admirers from near and far and more often than not there are more non campus students there.

Yashwant Place is the undisputed winner for momo variety and the taste can never go wrong, however, the hygiene is a negative. However, It’s only matters in those rare times when a DU student can afford to be picky.

We in the South like the lux life and our comfort zones, we’re picky and cranky but more than willing to try out new places that are being opened nearby to cater to us. We’re always going to be hopping from one place to another because we’re the restless kind, constantly on the lookout of what’s the better option around the corner waiting for us.

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