Cluster Innovation Centre invites applications for Summer Internship 2016

If you want to do something productive this summer, we have some good news for you. Cluster Innovation Centre of University of Delhi is offering internships for undergraduate students. Students would be working on various projects in the Summer Internship 2016 at CIC. To name a few ‘Designing innovative physics card games, Sustainable Urban Water Management, developing maths plaza resources, creating control scheme for robots using evolutionary algorithms’ are some of them. Students with knowledge of undergraduate level physics can apply for ‘Innovative Physics card games’ project. Similarly students with basic knowledge of Urban Ecosystem and Governance can apply for ‘Sustainable Urban Water Management project’.

Students shall be awarded certificates on their successful completion of the internship. They can avail the computer facilities available at CIC. Each student intern will be issued an identity card. The last date to apply for the internship is 15th of May. Students need to send their resumes and application form to

For more details visit:

The application form can be downloaded here:


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Srivedant Kar

Srivedant Kar is the associate editor of DU Beat. A journalism student at Cluster Innovation Centre, he spends more time thinking about tomorrow than today. Having interned with United Nations, he is an avid reader, fierce debater, poet and religious follower of politics who aspires to be a diplomat some day.

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