Why you should study abroad?

Studying abroad? Well, this is something that we all have pondered over. Flying over some thousand miles might not be one of the easiest decisions to make but the experience might just be worth travelling each mile. Here’s why you should study abroad-

1. Better Opportunities

Not only do you become that popular cousin or friend who got into Oxford or Harvard but well, you have the chance to study in some of the world’s highest ranked universities and from some of the best professors along with a student pool that hails from different parts of the world.  You get a global exposure unlike any other, proliferating job opportunities waiting for you. And let’s just not talk about the woes of Indian education system which offers only a few quality programmes for masters or higher education which chunk of the applicants end up losing in this maddening race that we unwillingly become a part of.

2. Exploring another part of the world

Remember that first point on your bucket list. (Oh you don’t have it on paper but I know it sure does exist in some part of your brain, right?) To travel the world, isn’t it? Wanderlust got you too? You haven’t been everywhere but it’s on your list. Well, studying abroad allows you to check off some of the places on that really long list. You are off exploring another part of the world that just might be chalk to your own cheese. You witness new cultures, traditions, beliefs, food, language (well, if not a language then definitely, a new accent to flaunt), people and of course friends that might just become friends forever. Should I even say anymore?

3. Becoming independent

“Welcome to the real world. It won’t suck that much. You are going to love it.” When you study some thousand miles away from your home, you are all on your own. Yes, the captain of your own life. Isn’t that something you have always wanted to do at least once in your life? This is your best chance to do that before all those “settling down in life talks” come to haunt you. From making your own food, to doing your laundry and making ends that have trouble meeting meet, you will be back as a changed person. A lot more strong, confident and independent.

4. Studying in an education system which is different from yours

You will have a chance to break the monotony and study in an education system which is completely different from the one you have studied in for ages. From studying new courses to the flexibility to choose from a variety of subjects, you will widen your horizons. You will add a practical dimension to your knowledge as the programmes in such universities are more realistic in approach and also, offer better research facilities.

5. Lifelong experiences

Apart from studying in some of the best educational institutions of the world, you will weave stories and make memories that will be passed not only to friends back home but also, onto your next generations. It will be an indelible experience that will stay with you forever. You will learn to appreciate the value of family and of course, mummy’s food and other small things that you often ended up ignoring. You will have a chance to discover yourself and new roads with unknown destinations. You will make your own pile of mistakes and learn from them and dawn upon things that you never knew about yourself.

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Some of the participating institutions are mentioned below:

Swinburne University of Technology
Manchester Metropolitan University
University of Sheffield
University of Huddersfield
University of Reading
Queen Mary University of London
De Montfort University
University of Leeds
University of the West of England
The University of Manchester
JCU Singapore


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