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Food Review: Crazy Bruno, opposite Gargi College and KNC

Crazy Bruno is an open fast food joint in Anand Lok right in front of Gargi College and Kamala Nehru College. It is a close neighbour of Diggin, another popular café among students. By open, we mean the setup constitutes a kitchen in a van-like place and a faux grass mat under a few low tables and stools along with umbrellas and fans. One may call it ‘cute’ and compact but it definitely lacks the privacy (and air-conditioning) of a restaurant. While we do not promise a place to sit at peak lunch hours, it is an otherwise comfortable food joint. The café also has a night-delivery menu.

Crazy Bruno serves almost all fast food items one could think of, from burgers to momos, pasta, wraps, nachos and chicken delicacies like tikkas and shawarmas. For the review, we ordered White Sauce Pasta, Butter Chicken Tandoori Momos, Dark Chocolate Shake and Chocolate Oreo Shake.Crazy Bruno Review 3

The pasta served to us was a mix or penne and fussili, which was quite to my delight because I’ve wasted a large portion of my lifetime choosing between the two. You can, of course, order a single kind. Speaking of portions, one plate was abundant for two persons. The pasta was soft (neither too cooked to pick with a fork nor too chewy) and the sauce had a hint of oregano. The cooks are generous with the choice of toppings. The plate costed us Rs.110. It was definitely an item I would recommend.

However, it was the plate of Butter Chicken Tandoori Momos that caught my eye. It is essentially momos put in a tandoor and marinated in butter chicken/shahi paneer gravy and cream. There is a vegetarian version of the same available too. Full marks for creativity! While steamed momos begin from Rs.50, the butter chicken variants can cost upto Rs.130. The food felt adequately hygienic to us.

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Hemant, the co-owner of the chain of joints, also recommended the burgers with great confidence but unfortunately, we were full!

The shakes that we ordered were decent, although I do wonder how special an Oreo Shake could possibly get. In all fairness, the good food was washed down well by the chocolate drinks.

The food joint needs no introduction for students of the area owing to its corner location but for the uninitiated freshers, the place is definitely worth a try. Say hi to me while I’m awkwardly finishing my plate(s) of momos someday!


Image credits: Aarushi Dhingra for DU Beat

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