Ctrl.Shift.Esc: Escaping the world of the living dead

Ctrl.Shift.Esc, a one of a kind escape gaming centre located in Hauz Khas Village has come up with another enthralling escape game: The Quarantine Zone.

It is one of the two escape games you can play as of now, the other being ‘The Safehouse’ – the debut game of Ctrl Shift Esc. We earlier reviewed it here.

The Quarantine Zone

While we don’t want to spoil the game for you by telling the plot, the basic setting of the game is a Zombie Apocalypse in which the players are trapped in a quarantine zone, which they have to escape by solving riddles, puzzles, decoding messages and opening locks. The game requires logic, teamwork and communication to solve it in a time of 1 hour. The room and props were quite thematic and fitting giving it the look of virus-infected quarantine zone.

2-6 players are generally recommended for each game but we would personally recommend more than 3 people to play it together, as it can be extremely challenging for a few people. The game will, without a doubt, overwhelm you at many points and trust us, you’ll be impressed by your own ability to solve the mysteries!

The game is one of a kind, and a much needed break from the monotony of any other indoor games you’d consider to play with friends. Regardless of the fact whether you’re able to escape it or not, you’ll be perhaps spending the most unique hour with friends.

Cost: The cost per person is 600 rupees and unfortunately you can only play a game once (since the game remains unchanged)

Location: Ctrl Shift Esc is located in the Hauz Khas Village, just beside Kunzum Café and opposite Kolkatta Rolls.


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