Back off Broadway, Delhi University has just arrived! 

The fest season is here at Delhi University, yes, you got that right and that means so is our lineup of plays that cannot be missed. This year, prepare to be amazed with the plethora of talent the Dramatics Societies of DU have been working on to take the level of theater to an all new level. What follows is a compiled list of a few of our favorite Stage Plays; do try catching any of these plays in action. You’d definitely not be disappointed!


Lady Shri Ram College for Women – Smell of Lemons

This play by LSR celebrates theater through its subtlety, consisting of four distinct short stories set against the backdrop of totalitarianism. This play is everything we cease to be, it’s bold and exciting but doesn’t underestimate the audience.

Ramjas College – The Open Couple

This is?farce about sexual politics in marriage; it’s the madness that follows what makes the rest of the story. The?show is a joy to watch with quite a few up close interactions with?the audience by the cast itself, do go to get a glimpse of the talent if you can.

Stage Plays
 Sri Venkateswara College – The Goat, or Who is Sylvia

The simple tale of a married man and his family, whose lives crumble when the man of the house falls in love with a goat, makes the plot line whilst focusing on the limits of an ostensibly liberal society. Catch one of their?shows and you are bound to be impressed in between the constant bursts of laughter.


Hans Raj College – Metro

Eleven people together in the same compartment of a metro and how their journey suddenly comes to a halt when it stops. This play rejoices in its normalcy that can lead to extraordinary situations, it’s provocative in all the right ways but doesn’t try too hard.


Shri Ram College of Commerce– Pune Highway

Three young men are holed up in a room just off the highway after witnessing a murder makes the essence of the play. A comic thriller that explores the survival of friendship in extreme circumstances- the play is filled with tension, nostalgia and?humour.


Madhurya Sundar

Featured Image: Chirag Sharma

Image credits: Bharat Mohindru

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