‘Ramjas has a very intensive style of debating, a particular structure’

Winners of TASHI- LSR , Premchand Memorial Parliamentary Debate, the list of their accolades is endless. Well, it’s none other than the Debating Society of Ramjas College. They do not need a name to describe themselves; The Debating Society of Ramjas College is arguably the best ‘Deb-Soc’ in Delhi University.

So what is it that makes them stand apart from all the other debating societies? Ask any of their members and pat comes the reply “Passion and Dedication”. “ Every member of our society feels very passionately about it and that is why every time we face competition we give nothing less than our hundred percent.” , says Pratham, President of the society.

The dynamic presence of the society can be seen and felt, be it Delhi University, NLS Bangalore , FTD, TERI or any other major competition you can think of, there is no other society which has lifted the trophy the number of times they have. Over the last few years it has continued its excellent run at major debate competitions.

The Ramjas Debsoc was started by two incredibly talented people; Nikhil Menon and Harris. It was unheard of 6-7 years back, these two gentlemen taught themselves how to debate and rallied around debating circles for invites. The following year Ramjas had its first 3 member parliamentary debating team with the inclusion of Harsh. They as a team were unstoppable and went on to win everything. Even though Harsh graduated quite a while back, he is still very popular in the Delhi University debating circuit and is, incontrovertibly,one of the best debaters Ramjas has ever produced. Seniors took a major interest in training juniors and the process included rigorous mock debates. Kartik Mishra and Pradyumna Jairam were Harsh’s immediate juniors and they carried the mantle forward. Later on, Siddhartha Thyagarajan, Vishwajoy Mukherjee and Prithvi went on to form another ‘dream team’ and won 11 out of the 13 debates they participated in. Ramjas has a very intensive style of debating, a particular structure, the speeches of a PM, DPM and whip are different and organized in a way that appeals to the adjudicator. “, says Dhruva Desai, an alumnus of the Ramjas Debsoc.

Talking about his stint at the legendary debsoc, he further goes on to say, ” I, Pratham and Aditya Sarin were a team. Aditya is one of the calmest debaters I’ve ever come across, while on the other hand Pratham and I use to bounce around, shout out at the top of our lungs and get agitated very quickly.”

The society started its new calendar with multitudes of freshers lining up to prove their mettle on the debating platform. So what does it take to be a part of a society that has a legacy of outstanding debators? “You should have it in you. Its an open society. We don’t keep any auditions. Anyone who has the passion can join the society , we provide training to hone the skills they already possess.”, says Pratham.

The most momentous achievement of the society was ‘Polemic’, the first ever debate tournament that the society organized in 2006 . Since then it has become one of the most coveted titles. Polemic ventured into newer pastures by making significant changes in the format of parliamentary debates which was later adopted by almost every college in Delhi University. For the last couple of years they have forayed into prestigious international debates like the All India Inter varsity Debating Tournament at Dhaka where their team reached the quarter finals, being the youngest team.

Shivangana Vasudeva

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