WOTS: Bhape Da Dhaba

For those of you who know the legendary Kake Da Dhaba or have heard your folks reminiscing about their college days there, you definitely won’t miss Bhape da Hotel a.k.a. Bhape Da Dhaba right next to it. For those of you who don’t know about either; you might, following your long search, give up and pass it off as non existent and settle for KFC instead. But keep at it, keep a treasure map handy if you have to, for the place is definitely worth it.
Tucked away between an array of shops opposite L Block in Connaught Place, Bhape Da Dhaba is but a single door leading to a narrow room with five odd tables and just enough room for you to be able to reach your plate. Yet there is something very unpretentious about the ambiance. Maybe it’s the smell of our national food, curry, which fills the little room, or they way they serve you so heartily.
Without a doubt, the price list is rather easy on the pocket while the menu boasts of a wholesome Punjabi gastronomy, giving you much more than your average fast food quickie. Also, the generous dollops of oil in your chicken curry and the butter dripping from your roti are enough to make you coming back for more. So, if you’re willing to swap old Kentucky for a taste of Punjab, you know where to rush to- Bhape Da Dhaba!
(Note: NOT for the calorie conscious, the elitist airheads and the faint hearted.)
My rating: 4/5

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