Top 5 fests of last year

1. IIT, Delhi: Rendezvous, IIT Delhi’s annual fest is, technically, the first festival of the year, and so it brings with it a sense of anticipation and curiosity. Each year, IIT Delhi outdoes itself with the level of competition and almost everyone waits for their much talked about rock show: Blitzkreig.

Highlight: The idea of winning the first competition of the year, and definitely Blitzkrieg.

2. BITS, Pilani: You can’t be in DU, and not have gone to Pilani. Oasis, BITS Pilani’s annual festival remains the biggest competition for most ECA societies like the western dance and fashion teams.

Highlight: Rocktave, their annual rock show and a national level certificate.

3. IIT, Kanpur: It is rumored that those people who don’t go for BITS Pilani, attend IIT Kanpur’s annual fest, Antaragni. But inspite of the dates clashing, IIT Kanpur remains one of the most eventful competitions for most drama and music societies in DU.

Highlight: The drama competitions and Blitzkreig again!

4. LSR:
Tarang, LSR’s annual fest is probably the biggest competition of the year, being the official torch bearer of the festival season of DU, more so because it comes after a rather relaxed Diwali/Dusshera break.

Highlight: After last year’s Soulmate performance, everybody’s definitely curious to know what they have planned for this year.

5. Sri Venkateswara: Sri Venkateshwara’s annual fest, Nexus occurs at a very convenient time of the year. A winter evening can never get as good as being on a grassy field listening to some good rock music and venky’s famous rock band, Fire Exit gives us just that.

Highlight: the very famous Western music and Choreography competitions.

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

28 thoughts on “Top 5 fests of last year

  1. spectator

    Well, If the order is according the the ranking….. I really feel bad about the intellectual ability of the writer. The only fest that gives any competition to iitk is iitb.
    No offense meant to anyone….but still……bits-pilani don’t stand above iitk.

  2. Rohit

    I have seen high school fests much better than this year’s IIT-D fest, what they call it Rendezvous.

  3. Pavan Madhini

    Rendezvous was total crap this year, but then again, what else can we expect from such jack-asses as those who study in DU (yeah, sure, there are exceptions to every rule, but the writer of this article ain’t one …
    In the words of a BITS Pilani student who came to participate in Antaragni, ” Our fest is way smaller than this. There is no way we can even get this kind of money into our fest.” ….

  4. Anonymous

    I guess delhi people have never ventured out of north India. They haven’t had a chance of seeing IITB’s Mood Indigo and IIT Kharagpur’s Spring Fest otherwise they would have surely rethought about the rankings………

  5. alexander

    DU Beat ki team ko itna bhi nahin maloom ki iitd mein blitzkreig naam ka koi event nahin hota hai ………..oye pehle apni gk sahi karke aao………….

    iitd ka fest kahin stand nahin karta ha……kisi high school ka fest bhi usse achchha hio sakta hai…………the onle fest that can compete with antaragni is mod indigo(bombay’s)
    iitg ka fest bhi kahin nahin hai
    bits pilani ko bhool jaao…..

  6. raag

    Bits pilani’s fest can’t be even compared to that of IIT Kanpur (Antaragni) or that of IIT Bombay’s fest (Mood Indigo)…….. and there was something seriously wrong with iitd fest this year , they sucked a big time.

  7. girijesh

    Till yesterday, I had a respect for the kind of education the DU provides. But, the level of knowledge you people are showcasing, I pisses me off.
    LSR?? What the hell!!
    How can you miss Mood Indigo, Spring Fest??

    I am sorry for posting something irrelevant to the topic, but I was going through “Molestation Horror” crap. Just look at top part of the page, It looks like a poster for “Amityville”. No wonder Indian media is in such a pathetic situation. After all they are full of people from you university, I guess.

    Tell me, is it essential to present news with spices?? All the best for another India TV and Saras Salil.

  8. Zabuza Momochi

    Yeah, this is a fake name, but well, how many fests were compared? 5? 10? Data Encapsulation? Won’t tell me?

  9. naag

    We can continue our discussion here………..It was really a great stress buster at endsems time…… Thanks DU for providing this stress relief facility.

  10. papa unglimaar

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    hey,i m momma-man,i have the biggest tits in whole delhi,come talk abt me,whats there in these rubbish fests,come molest me ,neway i m also the cream of the nation-iitd
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    ganja sardar

  12. Moorkh


    paghla gaya hai kya launde , blitzkrieg IITk mein hota hai

    There are 2 professional shows and one of them is called Blitzkrieg.

    All you dimwitted asses out there, i hope this clears things up for you

  13. waiting for an internship

    hey whr is the name of iit kgp fest yaar
    it’s much much better than the shiting tarang :)

  14. Leonardo

    Sheesh! Its almost a given that when you talk about fests, every socially challenged IITian will try to dive in and prove how awesome their fest is/has been.

  15. steave

    Derz no takkar to mood – I …its d best ! n iitd 2008 fest to sahi mai bekar hua tha….dey couldnt get enuf funding..koi na..better luck next tym !

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